Since 1999 we help real estate development companies to achieve their marketing goals with web, 3D and VR solutions.

We work with customers from Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and other countries.

About us

We create websites and 3D architectural visualizations and videos; implement interactive and virtual reality technologies for real estate industry.

Our main customers are real estate development companies/property developers/construction companies, real estate agencies and portals. Kelnik team is more than 70 specialists completely specializing in marketing, web, 3D and and VR technologies for real estate industry.

3D Visualizations, Videos and VR
  • Buildings, apartments and common areas in virtual reality
  • VR showrooms for real estate industry
  • VR presentation of residential buildings and apartments for Lenovo Explorer (Windows Mixed Reality)
  • High quality 3D renders and virtual 3D tours
  • Interactive solutions and presentations for touch tables and any touch screens
Planoplan 3D and VR Platform
  • 2D and floor plans
  • 3D and VR tours for websites, mobile and VR devices
  • Finishing selection tool
  • VR for sales offices
Websites for Real Estate Industry
  • All buildings, apartments and common areas in 3D and VR
  • Modern solutions and own know-hows
  • Adaptive design
  • Relevant for real estate industry


Design, development and websites-launch is carried out in stages: from a simple basic version for one residential complex to website for all projects of property developer, including visual 3D searching modules.

Search engine optimization and preparation for advertising campaigns.

Customer’s CRM integration.

Reduction of project time due to a wide range of know-hows and pool of technological solutions.

Everything from one company - Kelnik - web development, 3D-graphics, SEO, etc.

Park Town
  • Innovative residential complex of comfort class.
XXII Carat
  • Unique selection of 22 stunning ultra-luxury villas in Dubai
  • Project for property developer with 8 residential complexes with more than 1200 apartments, including 3D searching modules and customer’s CRM integration.
Other projects

Planoplan 3D and VR Platform

Planoplan is 3D and VR platform for the creation of floor plans in 3D and virtual reality. It helps property developers and real estate agencies to support and stimulate clients on different steps of customer journey.

Widget on website: Interactive 3D floor plan with finishing and furniture is built into a website of property developer, real estate agency or residential building. Widget includes 3D content and interactive features (e.g. 3D floor plans, 3D-360°, panoramic tour, QR code for VR tours).

Mobile app: A potential customer can upload any floor plan into his smartphone using our free app Planoplan GO! It helps sales managers to tighten their communication with a “hot client”.

VR in sales offices: Sales managers can demonstrate apartments using VR devices or smartphone cardboards (like an interactive brochure). Moreover we provide cross-platform content for popular HMDs, including HTC Vive, Lenovo Explorer (Windows Mixed Reality), Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift.

3D Floor Plans
  • Present your apartments with furniture and decoration from all sides. User can select the view itself.
Virtual Tour on All Devices
  • Take a tour with client through the apartment. Scan QR code and download the virtual tour on a smartphone. Put the smartphone into Cardboard and have a VR tour in any part of the world - useful for remote sales.
Apartment in 3D and VR
  • For property developers we create one apartment (economy or comfort class) in 3D and VR for free - write to
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How It Works:

Example 1
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment in Germany with street view in 3D and VR
Example 2
  • Duplex with an opportunity to see each room in 3D and VR

3D Visualizations, Videos and Virtual Reality

We create emotional 3D renders, high-quality videos, interactive 3D-tours and virtual tours for all websites and devices: smartphones, touch tablets, panels and VR headsets.

Also we work with method of Building Information Modeling (BIM models).

Project XXII Carat in Dubai - 3D video of luxury villas in classic renaissance style.

More visualizations